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Film Review: Clue (1985)

Clue is a comedy/mystery film directed by Jonathan Lynn based on the board game Clue. Six people are invited to a dinner party in a mysterious mansion and are each given an alias that coincides with the game’s playable characters. There are eight main characters, so a familiarity with the game comes in handy when […]
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Was Sherlock Holmes a real person? What’s the difference between a crime novel and a mystery novel? What really happened to all the TP? Survey mystery fiction and its conventions, from the genre’s 19th-century origins to the classic Golden Age puzzle to its many postmodern manifestations. Writers to be studied will include Edgar Allan Poe, […]
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Film Review Midsomer Murders: Small Mercies (2009)

Adapted from the original works of Caroline Graham, ITV’s Midsomer Murders series began with film adaptations of the original detective stories. After completing all seven of the original novels, the television series continued to create new cases for DCI Barnaby and his team. Since then, a wide array of new characters have emerged, and when […]
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