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Fiction Review: “Hard Candy,” directed by David Slade. 2005

Please note: This review contains SPOILERS about the plot of the movie.   (SPOILER) “Nothing’s yours when you invite a teenager into your home,” says Hayley just at the 30-minute mark of the movie Hard Candy. Hard Candy is an American indie psychological thriller. It is the brainchild of first time producer David W. Higgins, […]
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In the News: 1940’s Calcutta Crime Solver

Hello Scholars! I found a link to an interesting interview about a new Detective television show set in 1940’s Calcutta! Here’s an excerpt: Byomkesh Bakshy! is Dibakar Banerjee’s most ambitious film PTI March 30, 2015 | UPDATED 16:17 IST “Why?” was the question that Dibakar Banerjee asked himself while embarking on the journey of adapting […]
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In the News: James Ellroy and David Fincher to make Noir Drama

The series will be based on the life of a celebrated Hollywood private eye Director David Fincher (Gone Girl, Se7en, Fight Club) has signed up for an HBO noir drama series together with L.A. Confidential writer James Ellroy. Shakedown is set in the seedy underworld of 1950s Los Angeles and is inspired by the life […]
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