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Movie Review: Child 44

Tom Hardy! Gary Oldman! Noomi Rapace! Have you heard of this movie? I hadn’t either. It’s a detective story and more. Way more. In fact, it’s excessive. By Nazreen Booth In service of my foray into movie criticism, I chose a film I loved. Then, when I sat down, excited for my upteenth viewing of […]
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In the News: ‘The Fade Out’: Hollywood in the 1940s

Hello Scholars! Check out this great article on “Fade Out” – a noir comic book! Excerpt: by James Kim | The Frame Article Link: http://www.scpr.org/programs/the-frame/2015/03/03/41810/the-fade-out-comic-book-writer-ed-brubaker-on-holl/ Link to audio: http://media.scpr.org/audio/upload/2015/03/03/edbrubaker_WEB-89f588f8.mp3?via=website Writer Ed Brubaker has been involved in some of the biggest comic books in recent history. From Batman to Daredevil to introducing the world to Captain […]
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