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Against Time *possible spoiler alert*

 “Are you familiar with the concept of lateral thinking? It consists of changing the perspective from which one analyzes events.”

“I don’t know what you expect me to see.”

“The details, Mr. Doria. Focus on the details. They’ve always been in front of our eyes. But you have to analyze them from a different perspective. What if the answer to the enigma was never inside the room, but outside?”

Upcoming Event: Noir Slam in DTLA September 2, 2015 (7PM)

Hello scholars! In the LA area? Why not check out the “Noir Slam” event hosted by the Last Book Store in Downtown Los Angeles this coming Wednesday September 2. Presented by the Southern California Mystery Writers of America, the event will feature Christa Faust, Brett Battles, Anonymous-9, Samuel Gailey, Craig Faustus Buck, Maxine Nunes, Stephen […]
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Free Summer Course on Film Noir!

Hello scholars! Just in case you had a few extra hours to wring out of your work week this summer, there is a free online course being offered this summer on Film Noir. The seminar runs between June 1 and August 4 and is facilitated by TMC and Dr. Richard Edwards. Find out more below! […]
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