Free Summer Course on Film Noir!

Hello scholars!

Just in case you had a few extra hours to wring out of your work week this summer, there is a free online course being offered this summer on Film Noir. The seminar runs between June 1 and August 4 and is facilitated by TMC and Dr. Richard Edwards. Find out more below!

TCM Presents Into the Darkness: Investigating Film Noir

In this nine-week course, we’ll go back in film history to investigate the “The Case of Film Noir”—the means, motives, and opportunities that led Hollywood studios to make these hard-boiled crime dramas, arguably their greatest contribution to American culture.

This course will run concurrently with the Turner Classic Movies “Summer of Darkness” programming event, airing 24 hours of films noir every Friday in June and July 2015. This is the deepest catalog of film noir ever presented by the network (and perhaps any network), and provides an unprecedented opportunity for those interested in learning more to watch over 100 classic movies as they investigate “The Case of Film Noir.”

Cost per enrollment: Free

Click here to enroll:

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