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And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None Agatha Christie Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY, 2011 Mystery genre, one of Agatha Christie’s most popular books Brief Synopsis The main characters in the plot are ten people who are invited to a week long vacation on a private island. They don’t know each other and they all received […]
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Much to Like about “The Likeness”

In a 2009 Guardian article, award-winning novelist John Banville was questioned about whether his Detective novels deserved to be treated as true literature. “When I get up in the morning,” he said dryly, “I ask my wife whether I should write a Booker Prize winning novel, or another bestselling crime book. And we always come […]
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A Film Review: Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out is a mystery film released in September 2019 by Lionsgate Films, directed by Rian Johnson, produced by Ram Bergman, and starring Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, and Christopher Plummer. Synopsis: A wealthy, mystery fiction writer, Harlan Thrombey, is found dead in his study the night after his 85th birthday celebration, which […]
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Book Review: Snow by John Banville (2020)

“Snow” by John Banville  Published October 6, 2020 “Snow” by John Banville is an historical novel that uses the classic cozy mystery format to reveal more than just whodunit. Detective Inspector St. John Strafford (that’s Strafford with an “r,” as he diligently points out in nearly every introduction) is a Dublin detective sent south to the County […]
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Book Review: Lady in The Lake, by Laura Lippman, New York, NY: William Morrow 2019

Book Review by Bianca Blengino   The Lady in the Lake is a noir piece by Laura Lippman. The setting is the city of Baltimore in 1966, a time of shifting societal norms around race and gender. Madeline “Maddie” Schwartz makes her own change by leaving a seemingly happy marriage to create an independent passion […]
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Against Time *possible spoiler alert*

 “Are you familiar with the concept of lateral thinking? It consists of changing the perspective from which one analyzes events.”

“I don’t know what you expect me to see.”

“The details, Mr. Doria. Focus on the details. They’ve always been in front of our eyes. But you have to analyze them from a different perspective. What if the answer to the enigma was never inside the room, but outside?”

Bouchercon 2017: Passport to Murder

Hello scholars! Just a reminder that Bouchercon 2017 is scheduled for mid October! Check out the details below! LINK: http://bouchercon2017.com/ “We hope you have your passports at the ready (if not check out our border crossing page for tips) to join us at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto, Canada for Bouchercon 2017, where we’ll be […]
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Fiction Review: “Memento,” directed by Christopher Nolan. 2001 (SPOILERS)

Note to reader: this review contains SPOILERS concerning the general plot and execution of the film, but not the actual ending. Readers beware! Christopher Nolan’s feature debut was originally the brainchild of his brother, Johnathan Nolan. This neo-noir classic is a film you’ll want to see more than once, with an impeccable attention to detail […]
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