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Book Review (SPOILERS): Tana French’s The Likeness

Tana French’s hard-to-believe murder mystery follows detective Cassie Maddox as she operates in an undercover capacity, slipping into the life of Lexie Madison, a murdered woman who was fraudulently living as detective Maddox’s undercover persona. Taking place in Glenskehy, a small town outside of Dublin, Ireland, the murder occurs near an abandoned, dilapidated cottage near […]
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Much to Like about “The Likeness”

In a 2009 Guardian article, award-winning novelist John Banville was questioned about whether his Detective novels deserved to be treated as true literature. “When I get up in the morning,” he said dryly, “I ask my wife whether I should write a Booker Prize winning novel, or another bestselling crime book. And we always come […]
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Film Review: Nancy Drew (2007) (includes spoilers)

A true representation of the unflappable sleuth we’ve known and loved since the first Nancy Drew book was published in 1930.

In the News: The ‘Girl’ In The Title – More Than A Marketing Trend

Hi gang! Apologies – it looks like there was a bit of a glitch in WordPress and the original review of this link was erased somehow. However, you can still listen to the recording by visiting here: http://www.npr.org/2016/02/22/467392750/the-girl-in-the-title-more-than-a-marketing-trend

Upcoming Event: Women of Law Enforcement August 23, 2015 (1PM)

The Sisters in Crime Orange County and the Southern California Chapter of Mystery Writers of America will be presenting “Women of Law Enforcement” on Sunday, August 23 at 1PM. To read more, please visit: http://www.socalmwa.com/2015/07/women-in-law-enforcement/

In the News: Ausma Zehanat Khan’s ‘Unquiet Dead’

Ausma Zehanat Khan’s ‘Unquiet Dead’ rises above mystery setting By Paula L. Woods January 9, 2015 While publishers may rave about mysteries that “transcend the genre,” few soar beyond their crime-solving objectives. And to find such a treasure in a first-time effort is rarer still. Khan has brought every ounce of her intellect and professional […]
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