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Book Review – Down The River Unto the Sea; Walter Mosley, 2018

“Down The River Unto The Sea” by Walter Mosely, 2018 First, let me say that I loved this book. Down the River unto the Sea by Walter Mosely is a gripping noir with language that is, if not truly hard-boiled, at least overcooked – and I mean that in a good way. Our hero, Joe […]
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Film Review: Knives Out (2019)

A modern twist on the classic whodunnit? Knives Out is a 2019 mystery film, written and directed by Rian Johnson. Film Review by Sarah Jimenez Synopsis: On the morning after his 85th birthday party, wealthy mystery novelist, Harlan Thrombey, is found dead in his study. His throat is slit and the weapon is in his […]
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10 Mystery Novels To Prepare For THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW Movie

REPOSTED FROM: By Silvana Reyes Lopez Mar 20, 2020 Up next? The Woman in the Window, this May. It’s the newest mystery-thriller adaptation we are seeing on the big screen. Recently my favorite picture is definitely Knives Out, directed and written by Rian Johnson. That movie was a delicious treat of well-written material and […]
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Book Review: Lady in The Lake, by Laura Lippman, New York, NY: William Morrow 2019

Book Review by Bianca Blengino   The Lady in the Lake is a noir piece by Laura Lippman. The setting is the city of Baltimore in 1966, a time of shifting societal norms around race and gender. Madeline “Maddie” Schwartz makes her own change by leaving a seemingly happy marriage to create an independent passion […]
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House of Games: My Favorite Movie, Even If You Haven’t Heard of It

 House of Games is not the solving of a single mystery or the capturing of an individual.   It is a movie that presents continual intrigue because the viewer is constantly questioning which elements are genuine expression from the characters and which are parts of an intricate con.  The criminals wear many facades and disguises, expertly hidden from […]
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MWA Announces 2019 Nominees

Good morning scholars! Get your reading glasses ready – the MWA has announced its 2019 nominees! 2019EdgarNominationsPressRelease

Book Review: Down the River Unto the Sea by Walter Mosley (2018)

Vaughan_X1039_M7_Mystery Review Down the River unto the Sea is Walter Mosley’s latest crime mystery novel. The protagonist Joe King Oliver is an ex-police officer turned private investigator. The circumstances of his life—framed by a corrupt cop colleague, forced to serve years in prison, abandoned by his wife, harried constantly as black man in a white […]
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Film Review: Shutter Island (2010) (includes spoilers)

  Shutter Island’s premise, at first, seems very similar to the mystery film and novel template. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as U.S. Marshall Teddy Daniels, it masquerades as a gritty noir movie. Teddy Daniels visits a hospital for the criminally insane investigating the disappearance of the murderer of his wife. Taking place in 1954, Shutter Island […]
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Book Review: L. A. REQUIEM, by Robert Crais, 1999

WilliamLeeShotwell_ENGLISHX103.9-007_ModuleSeven_BookReview L. A. REQUIEM, Robert Crais, 1999 L. A. REQUIEM by Robert Crais is a murder mystery that is in the genre of the hard boiled detective type. The procedural method, often used by police departments, was employed to solve the murder mystery. Herein, Private Detectives used information gathered by the Robbery Homicide Division and […]
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Secrets, Secrets… A Book Review

A Review of Celeste’s Ng’s Everything I Never Told You – 2014 by Emily Thomson      When I was younger, I kept a terrible secret. No, I didn’t kill anyone, live a double life, or scam a friend into money – I hated milk. Every time I had it, a bellyache would come, and […]
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