"It was not the dead that seemed to Quirke uncanny but the living..." - Benjamin Black

Fiction Review: Bufo & Spallanzani by Rubem Fonseca

First published in 1985 (coincidently the year I was born), Bufo & Spallanzani, written by the renowned Brazilian writer Rubem Fonseca, combines different crimes and stories, tangled up by the murderer of Delfina Delamare, the wife of a millionaire. The novel tells the story through Gustavo Flavio’s perspective, a writer in crisis that is struggling […]
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The Bleeding Edge of Mystery Fiction

  Bleeding Edge, Thomas Pynchon’s most recent book has been called a work of postmodern detective, cyberpunk and science fiction. If I would add one, I would call it historical fiction, as it centers around the events just prior to 9/11. In the first couple pages, you are introduced to Maxine Tarnow, as she is […]
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Atomic Blonde is Disappointingly Blonde and Not Nuclear Enough

I am diehard Jason Bourne fan. I have read most of the books and watched each movie few times. Yet I am always on a lookout for ass-kicking untraditional-detective characters. I watched Jack Reacher movies; I didn’t love them. These days, I am reading Jack Reacher books and I like him. In all my reading […]
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Against Time *possible spoiler alert*

 “Are you familiar with the concept of lateral thinking? It consists of changing the perspective from which one analyzes events.”

“I don’t know what you expect me to see.”

“The details, Mr. Doria. Focus on the details. They’ve always been in front of our eyes. But you have to analyze them from a different perspective. What if the answer to the enigma was never inside the room, but outside?”

Same story, new town: a review of the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner (1992)

Opening statement: Blade Runner is a neo-Noir science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott that uses the concepts of Philip K. Dick’s book as a framework to re-imagine the iconic noir films of the 1940s and ‘50s. Brief Synopsis: Deckard is a world-weary blade runner, a bounty hunter for the incredibly human-like androids called replicants. […]
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Bouchercon 2017: Passport to Murder

Hello scholars! Just a reminder that Bouchercon 2017 is scheduled for mid October! Check out the details below! LINK: http://bouchercon2017.com/ “We hope you have your passports at the ready (if not check out our border crossing page for tips) to join us at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto, Canada for Bouchercon 2017, where we’ll be […]
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Dragnet 1954

SPOILER ALERT Post Title: Dragnet (Movie) 1954 Opening Statement: Dragnet, directed by Jack Webb, written by Richard L. Breen, and starring Jack Webb as Detective Joe Friday. The film is both a police procedural and of the hard-boiled detective genres. Brief Synopsis: The film begins with the murder of mobster, Miller Starkie. The killers are […]
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Fiction Review: Cornell Woolrich’s The Bride Wore Black

The Bride Wore Black (1940) stands as a landmark achievement in Cornell Woolrich’s writing career. The book launched Woolrich’s most notable decade of work, signaling a significant departure from his earlier novels. Woolrich’s first foray in to hardboiled detective fiction also foreshadowed suspense techniques that modern writers still use. In any type of fiction, the […]
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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Post Title: Spoilers! The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Stieg Larsson. Published 2008.     Opening Statement: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson does not lend itself to being pigeonholed into just one genre. To be sure, it’s a murder mystery, and a thirty-six-year-old one at that. In addition, it’s a thriller, […]
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Film Review: “Cards on the Table,” based on the Agatha Christie novel

This review will cover the feature-length film that tells the story of Christie’s “Cards on the Table,” a Poirot novel published in 1936 during the Golden Age of detective fiction. The film, directed by Sarah Harding with screenplay by Nick Dear, was first aired in 2006. Hercule Poirot, played by English actor David Suchet, stars […]
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